Battery Service and Replacement in Gainesville, FL

The battery of your car, being the component which supplies it with electrical power, requires regular inspection and service. If it is not taken good care of, it may leave you stranded by the roadside in the middle of nowhere - a situation no one would like to find themselves in.

If you are a Gainesville driver, or just happen to pass through our city, know that the certified and experienced auto mechanics at Advanced Auto Care Center are more than prepared to assist with any car battery service you may need. Whether you’re having trouble starting your vehicle or you suspect that your car battery is nearing the end of its life, we invite you into our shop for testing.

If the battery of your car or truck is nearing the end of its operation, we will replace it with a new one - this will guarantee you a reliable engine start and will prevent any serious damage to the electrical system, the onboard computer, and the electronics. We will also have the battery and cables inspected and cleaned up in a professional manner. This will stop corrosion from building up and will prolong the life of your cables.

At our auto repair shop, we take the relationships with our customers very seriously. That is why we provide our customers with a clean and comfortable waiting room in which they can relax, have a coffee or water, or watch TV while their vehicles are being serviced.

If you need battery service or replacement in Gainesville, FL, consider visiting Advanced Auto Care Center. You can do this by scheduling an appointment online, by calling us, or by bringing your car, truck, or SUV straight to our service bays located at 635 N.W. 13th Street Suite B, Gainesville, FL 32601.

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