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5 Ways You Can Get Better Fuel Mileage

5 Ways You Can Get Better Fuel Mileage

Everyone wants to get the most out of their fuel. You might ask about how this can be done? The answer is not one, but several. Below you will find some ways you can save up on fuel and make those MPGs go up. Keep in mind that the vehicle you drive also matters - an SUV will burn a lot more fuel than a coupe because it is heavier. 1. Use The Gas Pedal Properly The gas pedal is used to accelerate when needed, which is not all the time for even the shortest distances. If you learn to use it properly, you can get a lot more miles than usual. Every time you press on it, fuel is injected at an increased rate and amount, resulting in much higher consumption. 2. Check The Tires Proper tire pressure, alignment, and type are essential for your fuel economy. If you have grippier tires, more force is required to rotate them, resulting in higher fuel consumption. To avoid that, regular tire services are advised. Make sure to visit a service shop often for prop ... read more

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