5 Signs That Indicate You Have a Weak Car Battery

The reality is that car batteries do not last forever. Just like your phone battery or computer battery, your vehicle’s battery will lose power over time. It should be replaced every several years. If you continue driving with a weak battery, you risk electrical failure and a vehicle breakdown. Therefore, it's best to swap out your old battery early on. Below are some of the common signs of a bad battery:

Sign #1: Slow engine crank and turnover

If your car takes forever to start, then your battery may be nearing its death soon. The engine will crank slowly. As soon as you notice these typical signs, feel free to come in for a battery test.

Sign #2: Clicking sounds

Your car may make a clicking sound when you try to start your car. This is a clear sign that your battery is almost on its way out. 

Sign #3: Electrical accessories malfunction

Battery-powered accessories will malfunction as your battery charge is low. If your radio, power seats, or windshield wipers aren't operating like usual, please come into our shop to have your vehicle’s battery tested.

Sign #4: Dimming headlights

It can be very annoying to drive at night or through bad weather with dim headlights.  This is a common sign of an error in your electrical system, so please come to Advanced Auto Care Center for inspections.

Sign #5: Electrical warning is illuminated

Most vehicles nowadays have a specific message or alert that will come on when your battery is low. Whenever you catch this warning, please bring your car to a trusted auto shop when you see a battery-shaped light.


Your vehicle's battery should be handled with professional care. If you experience any of the above signs in your vehicle, please consider getting a new battery. Advanced Auto Care Center in Gainsville, FL is the best source for fair-priced, quality battery replacements.


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