Are All Brake Pads the Same?

Brake pads are a vital component of the vehicle's braking system, as they provide the friction that allows your car to stop smoothly and safely.

All of your brake components work harmoniously from start to finish to slow or stop a vehicle in motion. Your brake pads make contact with the brake rotor and apply friction based on the pedal inputs from the driver. 


What Are Brake Pads Made Out Of?

Today, drivers can choose from three types of brake pads: organic, semi-metallic (or metallic), and ceramic

  • Organic ($)- Organic brake pads are typically made of a mixture of rubber, carbon, glass, or other materials. These types of brake pads are suitable for everyday driving of non-performance vehicles and don't produce much heat. They are also the lowest price point, but they require more frequent changes. They also don't perform as well as the metallic and ceramic brake pads.
  • Semi-Metallic/Metallic ($$)- Semi-metallic brake pads contain between 30-70% of metals (copper, iron, steel, and composite alloys). High-performance cars require metallic brake pads because they offer enhanced braking performance in a much more comprehensive range of temperatures and weather conditions. Metallic brake pads are also able to dissipate heat more quickly. Their price point sits between organic and ceramic pads. The only setback of metallic brakes is that they can be noisy and put more strain on your rotors.
  • Ceramic ($$$) - Ceramic brake pads are made of a durable ceramic compound. While they are more expensive than organic and metallic brake pads, ceramic brakes are extremely quiet, produce less braking dust, and have consistent performance. The only cons of ceramic brake pads are that they're costly and not necessarily the best option for extreme driving conditions. 

No matter which type of brake pad you choose for your vehicle, you should have your brakes regularly inspected and replaced. For assistance on brake repair in Gainesville, FL, please feel free to call us at (352) 204-0188 or visit our shop today!

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