Funky Car Smells & What They Mean

Smells emitted by any vehicle can give drivers an idea of the health of their vehicle. While some smells are more urgent than others, ignoring unusual vehicle smells can result in a vehicle breakdown. Whenever you catch a funky fragrance in your car, we highly recommend you bring your vehicle to Advanced Auto Car Care Center for an inspection by our professional team. 


Let's go over the list of unusual car smells and what they could mean for your car:

The smell of hot oil usually signifies that you have an oil leak in the exhaust manifold. You can investigate by looking for oil under the vehicle after it's been parked. You may also see smoke under the hood.


A burnt rubber smell might be typical at a drag race, but when it's eminent on your everyday commute, something is surely wrong. A burning rubber smell usually means one of your rubbery components is at fault, like a slipping drive belt or loose hoses rubbing against the drive belt. 


The smell of gasoline is a pressing matter. If your nose detects gasoline anywhere other than at the pump, then you may be dealing with a leak in the fuel injector line or fuel tank. Gasoline mishaps can result in a fire if you aren't careful. Please get immediate attention and give us a call.


A sweet maple syrup scent is an indication that your vehicle is leaking coolant from a component in the cooling system. Since your vehicle depends on coolant to keep overheating, it would be best to address this problem right away.


A burning carpetsmell is definitely a warning of brake trouble. Most of the time, it is your brake pads overheating. Brakes are your number one key to safe driving, so please take your car to our shop for a brake inspection.


The foulest smell you could experience around your car is a rotten egg-like smell. This nasty smell means that your catalytic converter is not working correctly. The catalytic converter is made to convert the hydrogen sulfide in the exhaust to sulfur dioxide properly. Sometimes, a poorly running engine will cause the catalytic converter to become strained and fail.


If you've noticed any of the funky smells specified above, please do not overlook them. Bring your vehicle to Advanced Auto Car Care Center in Gainesville, FL to restore your comfort and safety in driving. Our expert team will have you back on the road in no time!

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