How Often Do Windshield Wipers Need to be Replaced?

If you are a car owner, windshield wipers are among the easiest-to-understand parts because we use them daily. Although understanding how windshield wipers work is one thing, it significantly helps you learn about when to change them, which is another thing. You save money, prevent windshield glass damage, and keep yourself safer.

So, How Frequently Should You Replace Windshield Wipers?

Replacing your windshield wipers has everything to do with changing the wiper blades. According to most windshield wiper manufacturers, you should replace your wiper blades every six to twelve months. But some recommend changing these parts every two to three years.

Some mechanics will inspect your wiper blades' condition when changing the vehicle's oil, and you can monitor them this way. However, the frequency depends on where you live, blade material, and multiple other factors, which begs the question, what symptoms can indicate your wipers need to be replaced?

Symptoms of Bad Windshield Wipers

According to most experts, we should normalize replacing our wipers on a schedule. So, since numerous factors can decrease your wipers' lifespan, it would be best if you consider swapping them out once you observe any of the following symptoms;

  • Chattering noises or vibration

When your windshield wiper moves at a variable rate, it generates a chattering sound or a jerking motion. This happens when the pieces where the wiper contacts the windshield moves slower than the gaps in the blade, causing vibration.

  • Squeaking noises

Like chattering noises and vibrations, squeaking noises during operation could indicate that pieces of the silicone or rubber are worn-out or damaged. Typically, wiper blades should glide cleanly and quietly across a wet windshield surface.

  • Wet spots

Wet spots appear when some areas of your blade are damaged to the extent where it no longer wipes away moisture evenly, leaving behind numerous spots.

  • Excessive streaking

If you notice your windshield wipers leaving excess streaks, it could mean that part of the blade has torn or has worn away. Under normal circumstances, every pass of the wiper should leave behind a clear and smooth windshield surface.

If you don't replace your windshield wipers regularly, you might find it a minor problem driving on a misty morning. However, it may be a big problem in snowfall or heavy rain to the point that you may not be able to see.

So, do you need windshield wiper replacement? Don't hesitate to bring your vehicle to Advanced Auto Care Center Florida today!

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