How to Check Your Coolant Levels and Inspect for Leaks

There are various fluids in your car, beyond motor oil, that need to be inspected and replenished regularly. Coolant or antifreeze is one of those essential fluids in particular that can become ineffective and corrode over time. This bright-colored liquid works to keep your engine and its components from overheating. Typically, you should flush your cooling system every two years, give or take. Though if you notice that it is in poor condition upon inspection, it's best to get rid of it.

How to Check Your Coolant Levels

  1. First, allow your vehicle to cool down to avoid getting burned.
  2. Locate the coolant reservoir under the hood near the front or side of the motor. It is usually see-through, with lines labeled hot and cold. You can also look at the owner's manual for its location. 
  3. Remove the cap and inspect whether it dips below the "cold" line. If so, the mixture is too low.

Please be sure to make a note of its condition as well. Low coolant is most likely due to a leak within the cooling system. There are many hoses, gaskets, and seals in your car that wear down over time, leading to leaks. In this case, you should identify and repair the leak as soon as possible to prevent engine damage.

How to Locate the Leak

  • Look under the vehicle to check for bright or sweet-smelling liquid on the ground. 
  • Using a flashlight, open the hood and look at the condition of the hoses leading to the coolant recovery reservoir.
  • Feel around the radiator for leaks or any visible signs of rust. Rust is a leading cause of holes in the radiator. 
  • Check the pressure cap. 

If you cannot locate the leak yourself, feel free to bring your vehicle to the auto technicians at Advanced Auto Care Center Florida. Our skillful technicians can help you pinpoint your leak and get you the right fix. We don't encourage you to drive with low coolant as it can lead to a major breakdown.


Please call or visit our Gainsville auto repair shop today!

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