How to Pack Your Car Efficiently for a Trip

We're sure some of you have some fantastic trips planned for the upcoming spring and summer. Whether you plan to road trip solo or with friends or family, you may need to jam all your stuff in a car. Some of us tend to over pack more than others, and you could be dealing with a stuffed truck a minute later. To save you some time packing this year, here are some of our top tips on how to efficiently pack your vehicle for a road trip: 

First and Foremost, Clean Out Your Car

Before you do any packing or organizing, you need to clear the way. Make sure to remove any unnecessary items from the cabin and trunk, including trash, sporting equipment, camping gear, etc. It wouldn't hurt to wash and vacuum the car beforehand too.

Roll, Not Fold

To make as plenty of room in your luggage as possible, remember to roll your clothes tightly instead of folding them. It's proven that you can fit more with this method.

Soft Baggage 

Soft luggage is preferable for vehicle traveling because they work best to maximize space. 

Make Room for the Water and Snacks

These are everyone's favorite road trip essentials, so you can't possibly leave these behind. It's important that you have everything mapped out to avoid misplacements.

Don't Forget an Emergency Road Kit

Ok, we lied - there are other safety essentials to pack too. Your car's emergency road kit should include jumper cables, spare tire, flashlight, batteries, first aid kit, and any other items that can help you in case of a breakdown or accident. 


Safety should be your top priority when it comes to highway travel. If you need confirmation of whether your car is safe to drive, we welcome you to Advanced Auto Care Center for a pre-trip inspection. Please give us a call or visit soon!

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