Putting a Stop to Brake Myths

There are way too many misconceptions that have plagued the automotive repair industry. And every day, they're constantly getting spread around. Today, we are going to be putting a stop to some popular myths about brakes.

Myth #1: You need to warm up your brakes

The brakes on modern cars today produce enough friction to stop your vehicle, even in extreme temperatures. It doesn't matter how hot or cold it is; if your brakes are healthy, they should efficiently stop your car. 

Myth #2: Wet brakes increase your stopping distance

Indeed, it can take up to three times longer to stop on a wet surface over a dry one; however, it is not your brakes that cause the lag. Your stopping distance increases due to a decline of tire traction (not from wet brakes). That is why it is best to brake sooner than later in harsh weather conditions.

Myth #3: There are specific laws regarding your brakes

Surprisingly, your brakes are one of the few parts that have no laws or restrictions. It does make us question whether there should be one as healthy brakes are a must-have for everyone's safety.

Myth #4: If your brakes squeak, it definitely means your brake pads are worn

Some brake pads are built with indentations that will rub against the rotor when they've been worn down to alert you that it's time for a replacement. Once they've become ineffective, you will hear a high-pitched squeal that sounds like it's emanating from your wheels. Though most squeaks and squeals result from old brake pads, they aren't the only possible reason for braking noises. Other brake parts can also produce different high-frequency tones, such as the rotor or the caliper. Your brakes can also squeak when they get wet, from rain, or after a car wash. 


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