Symptoms That Indicate You May Need a Tune-Up

Whether you drive a newer model or roll with an old beauty queen, it will eventually require a tune-up after a long period of regular use. Well, a vehicle tune-up service might mean different things to different drivers and car owners. To some people, a tune-up is a part of regular maintenance, which entails a comprehensive inspection to ensure that every component is working well. For others, this service involves an engine tune-up and replacing a series of components to enhance car performance. Whichever the case, the aim is to ensure that everything performs as expected, keeping your car healthy and running smoothly.

Here are some of the telltale signs that your car is due for a tune-up:

Car Starting Problems

Problems when starting your car mean a few things. For starters, it can indicate a weak or dead battery or a damaged fuel pump. It can also signify ignition problems. 

Reduced Gas Mileage

Are you filling your pump more times than usual? Well, you might be dealing with a dirty or broken spark plug or fuel injection problems. Either way, a visit to our auto repair shop for a car tune-up service is all it takes to get your car back to top performance.

Braking Problems

Any kind of braking problem, no matter how small, is a serious safety concern. None of the symptoms of a faulty brake system should be ignored, from spongy brake pedals, leaking fluids, or unusual brake noises.

Shaking and Vibrations

If your vehicle shakes, vibrates, or wobbles when starting steering or braking, this could indicate a problem with the tires and wheels. Some of the most common potential problems include wheel misalignment, improper wheel balance, damaged wheels, separated tire threats, or uneven tire wear, all of which can be fixed with a simple tune-up.

It is essential that you take your car for a regular tune-up to enhance its performance and longevity. If you need car service and repair, contact us or drop by our auto repair shop today.

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