What Damage Can Speed Bumps Do To Your Vehicle?

Speed bumps are put in place to slow down drivers and protect other road users from aggressive and reckless motorists. They are common near highly populated areas, institutions, and neighborhoods. If you see a 'bump ahead' sign, slow down and navigate the bump safely. Sometimes, you may have to hit the bump at high speeds if you had not seen it in time to slow down. You may also navigate it from the wrong angle, causing damage to the underside of your automobile.

Damage Caused by Hitting Speed Bumps at High Speed

Damage to Shocks

Shocks absorb the imperfections on the road. Their presence means that you do not feel every dip, bump, or rock you pass over when driving. These regulator coils react to changes on the road. When you hit a road bump fast, the shocks cannot absorb the energy fast. After some time, shocks bend or leak hydraulic fluid.

Damage to the Exhaust System

The exhaust system is meant to quiet the car and enhance its efficiency. If you hit a speed bump when driving at high speeds, the exhaust system is likely to hit the highway and break it off at the point of contact.

Ruining Your Tires

The only part of the tire that is supposed to hit the road is the surface with the treads, not the sidewall. When the sidewalls touch the tarmac, there is a risk that the tire will blow out or suffer from accelerated wear. At very high speeds, the damage to tires may be so extensive that you have to replace them.

Damage the Steering System

When the shocks are damaged, the rest of the car will also experience damage. Some of the most common problems include the misalignment of the wheels and damage to the steering rack mounts. Hitting speed bumps can also cause the power steering to leak its fluid. If you continue driving, you may harm every other system in the car, including the infotainment and air conditioning.

Be alert when you drive, especially on unfamiliar roads so that you can slow down before hitting a speed bump. If you need any part repaired after hitting a speed bump, bring the automobile to our repair shop today!

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