What Does the Timing Belt Do?

As your car, SUV, or truck puts on more and more miles, it’s likely that many of its components will experience wear and tear. One of these components includes the timing belt. As a responsible vehicle owner, you should keep up with your timing belt’s condition and replace it before it can break or snap. Otherwise, it can cost you a lot of money in engine repairs that could be avoided.


A timing belt is a rubber belt that connects the crankshaft to the camshaft, and it has even grooves that help time when the valves open and close. These belts are made to last a long time, but they definitely don’t last forever. If a timing belt breaks, the pistons can strike the valves and immediately harm the engine.


Your vehicle’s automaker will have a set mile interval to which they recommend a timing belt replacement. Typically, it is recommended every 70,000 to 100,000 miles. When you look at the bigger picture, timing belt replacements are less expensive than having to deal with a timing belt failure and extensive engine damage.


What Are the Signs of a Worn Timing Belt?

  • Physical wear and tear - Cracks, fraying, glazing, etc.
  • Excess exhaust smoke -  When fuel isn’t being burned properly, it emits exhaust smoke. The amount of fuel the motor burns has to do with the opening and closing of valves.
  • Unusual vibrations -  When the timing belt is stretched or has uneven wear, it can cause the vehicle to shake.

If you’re unsure about your timing belt’s condition, feel free to bring your car to the professionals at Advanced Auto Care Center Florida for an inspection. Our friendly staff is honest with our recommendations. We proudly offer quality timing belt replacement services at fair prices. Let us help you with your vehicle's needs today.

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