What Is Brake Fade?

Any vehicle with a friction-based braking system is vulnerable to a condition known as brake fade. The term simply means that your brakes are wearing out, whether it be due to friction, a mechanical issue or a lack of brake fluid.

How Do Drivers Experience Brake Fade?

If you notice, over time, that your brakes fail to stop even after repeated or sustained pressure on the pedal, the issue might be brake fade. You may be unable to make a hard stop or have to pump the brake repeatedly while driving downhill.

If the brake fails to stop as expected when applied the usual pressure then there is a chance that your brakes could suddenly fail and cause an accident.

What Causes Brake Fade?

The general cause of brake fade is a build up of heat from gases that causes a pressurized resistance between brake components. The brake's drum or disc can't make contact with the braking pads. Without friction between braking components, the vehicle is unable to stop.

A build-up of heat in the braking system can also cause the brake fluid to "boil", releasing gases that prevent brake components from meeting. Contaminants or water in the braking fluid cause this, which is why it is imperative to have your brake fluid checked often.

As there are so many causes as to why your brakes could fail, it is crucial to get fading brakes looked at as soon as you sense they are not working correctly. It is a sign that one day soon, your brakes could surprise you by not working at all.

Is your vehicle failing to stop when you step on brakes? Please bring your vehicle to Advanced Auto Care Center Florida today, so we can find out the cause of your brake fade and fix it!


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