Why Is My Steering Wheel Hard to Turn?

Nowadays, driving is made easier with advancements in the automotive industry, which is why a stiff steering wheel may throw you off. If your steering wheel has felt harder to turn, your first intuition may be to stop driving and pay a visit to an auto repair shop. At a trusted auto service shop like Advanced Auto Care Center Florida, we will be able to pinpoint the exact cause of your stiff steering wheel. Below are three of the most common problems that we've been able to repair at our shop.

Damaged Steering Rack

Your car's steering rack comprises two parts: the pinion and the rack itself. Over time, the steering and the areas attached to the wheel start to give out. If your driving wheel only gets rigid after starting your vehicle, then it's most likely a steering rack problem. 

Cracked Serpentine Belt

A broken serpentine belt is another prevalent problem that causes a hard-to-turn steering wheel. The serpentine belt always runs and supports your car functions, including the steering wheel. With use over time, the belt will wear out, weakening those functions. Your tech will simply fix the problem by replacing the serpentine belt.

Low or Leaky Power Steering Fluid

If the power steering fluid in your system is low, your steering wheel will definitely be affected. This fluid allows the smooth process of turning your steering wheel by lubricating the pump, and it flows from a closed, pressurized area. Unfortunately, the hoses are prone to cracking, leading to fluid leaks. Therefore, if there isn't enough fluid, your driving wheel will suffer.

With this knowledge, the first thing you can do at home when your steering wheel stiffens is to check your fluid. You can find the power steering fluid tank near the engine, and it is relatively easy to monitor it. 


Overall, a stiff steering wheel can make driving a challenging task. It can make your commute very uncomfortable. If you're looking for power steering services and repair in Gainsville, FL, please bring your vehicle to the Advanced Auto Care Center experts.

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