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Key Tips for Washing Your Car at Home

Key Tips for Washing Your Car at Home

You can cool down and get a chore done this summer with an at-home car wash. Washing your vehicle at home may seem as easy as grabbing a soap, bucket, and rag, but there are some things you should know beforehand. Read on to learn how you can nail your at-home car wash. Pick the right soap - The old-school method of car washes is grabbing dish soap. However, most people don’t know that dish detergent can damage your car paint. Instead, we recommend ditching the strong chemicals and opting for a car soap that is safe on car paint. Use a microfiber cloth - Using a household towel or old t-shirt may seem fine, but some materials can be overly abrasive. Microfiber cloths are softer and more absorbent, which will make the cleaning job easier. Don’t forget the inside - An effective car wash isn’t complete if you don’t clean out the inside. Make sure you get rid of the junk and vacuum the carpet and seats. Grab two buckets - The two bucket method has proven to be e ... read more

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